2021 MSP Pricing Calculator Explained

2021 MSP Pricing Calculator Explained

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Last year we released the NinjaRMM MSP Pricing Calculator. After a year of enormous changes and recognizing the need for a focus on security, I decided it was time to revisit the Pricing Calculator. and see what I could do to enhance it and give Managed Service Providers an even better tool that would give them better insights and capabilities when it comes to pricing. 

I made several changes to the calculator, both visually and in terms of functionality. Here are the major updates and what they do: 

  • Instructions Key including color-coding to identify fields that need to be populated.

  • Tech Cost Burdened calculation which is what it costs your MSP to field tech at an hourly rate, now automatically carries over into the Calculator tab and automatically fills in the appropriate field.   

MSP Pricing Calculator  

  • Cybersecurity Stack: With the emphasis on security these days, it is nice to know what those costs on their own are, and I am finding that some MSPs are offering a protection-only option.   

MSP Pricing Calculator

  • Outsource NOC Stack: If you decide to use NOC services and have several packages from your provider, this section will allow you to fill those details in, and it calculates its sub-total.   

MSP Pricing Calculator

  • Additional calculations: Most MSPs are going based on per-seat pricing, but it is often good to know how the final numbers translate at the endpoint level. From my experience, I could have two similar clients, but one might, for some reason, have a lot more endpoints we were managing, and this resulted in additional hours spent administering their environment. In light of this, when quoting a prospect under this scenario, I would take that into account and often raise the seat price. These “enhanced” calculations are mean to aid in that process.     


  • COLA Factor – Cost of Living Allowance – on the TECH Cost — Burdened tab – Increasingly, I find MSPs hiring remote technicians and calculating pay may need to adjust wages based on the cost of living in a particular area. If you have a standard salary for techs but hire one in a different region, you can use the COLA Factor to adjust their pay up or down depending on the value created by the COLA calculation.    
  • As it is now, if you fill in COLA in C9, then it carries through to all the tech levels. If you need to apply a different COLA for a tech, remove the equation that carries the value through. 

Added Levels to TECH Cost Burden calculation: We have expanded the levels to accommodate MSPs with more than three techs.   

Pricing managed service agreements is a complex business. Managed Service Providers increasingly have to provide a broader range of tools and levels of support to clients. Considering the cost of doing business, it becomes imperative that we know where the resources are being allocated and have precise totals for those amounts. In updated the Pricing Calculator, many of the updates were in calculating the TECH Cost Burden. When delivering IT service under a Managed Services arrangement, the highest monetary cost is generally the cost to field technicians. I recommend spending the most time making sure you capture accurate totals on this portion of the calculator.    

If you have any questions about the NinjaRMM Managed Service Pricing Calculator or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to me directly at [email protected].