An Intro to The IT Nation Professional Community

An Intro to The IT Nation Professional Community

Have you ever been a part of a professional community or peer group or considered joining one? In such groups, many business leaders turn to their peers for advice on how to grow, both professionally and personally.

You’ve likely heard of The IT Nation, ConnectWise’s professional community, but maybe are not familiar with the various events offered by The IT Nation and how they may be useful to you. 

Here, we’ll introduce you to The IT Nation and all that it encompasses, as well as guidance on which events may be best suited to your specific needs.  

What is The IT Nation?

What does being a member of The IT Nation actually mean? Who’s included in The IT Nation? What’s the difference between The IT Nation and IT Nation Connect?

The IT Nation is a global community of technology professionals working to push each other and the industry to new heights. By working collaboratively, sharing best practices, and listening to thought leaders, members can make this industry better and stronger. 

Members of The IT Nation live all around the world and have different business models and technology stacks to run their companies. The IT Nation is open to any technology solution provider, whether they use ConnectWise solutions or not. By fostering a sense of ‘co-opetition’, all can learn from and alongside each other to navigate the ever-change technology landscape. 

So how do you get involved in The IT Nation? With events throughout the year and advice from the community available on demand, there are several ways to maximize your experience within The IT Nation. 


WHO THIS IS FOR: Anybody looking to gain more business insights!

With the Stories from The IT Nation podcast series, you’ll hear members of The IT Nation community share advice based on personal experiences running their businesses. Learn how to attract top talent to your organization (including how to appeal to the millennial crowd), identify when it’s time to fire customers, stay relevant to your customers and more. 


WHO THIS IS FOR: ConnectWise partners who want to learn to use the products even better.

IT Nation Share user groups are regional, one-day product trainings offered free of charge to ConnectWise partners. Meet other technology providers in your area and get answers directly from ConnectWise product experts on to help you learn how to better use your ConnectWise solutions.  


WHO THIS IS FOR: ConnectWise partners seeking deeper, in-depth training on all products. 

Need more than one day of product training? Want training on the full ConnectWise platform, including BrightGauge, Continuum, and IT Boost? Join us in Orlando this summer for IT Nation Explore. This annual three-day product conference will feature over 100 breakout sessions, labs, and panels so every member of your organization can get the training they need to increase efficiency in their daily operations.  


WHO THIS IS FOR: Business leaders wanting to make their organizations better and stronger.

For business owners and leaders who need to know what’s coming next in the industry—and how to prepare their business for the changes that lie ahead—IT Nation Connect offers thought leadership and business building content over three days. Learn from experts in the industry on how to navigate M&A conversations, cybersecurity challenges, how to find and retain top talent, and more. As the largest and longest-running IT conference in the channel, it’s a can’t-miss event every year. This year’s events takes place in Orlando November 11-13. 


WHO THIS IS FOR: Specifically for members who have applied and been accepted who want to have honest conversations about work and building legacy. 

At IT Nation Evolve, business owners can share experiences, engage with peers, and get the resources they need to build their legacy. Members attend events each quarter where they meet with their peers and share progress—as well as hold each other accountable to work toward personal and professional goals.

Want to be in the loop on everything that’s happening in The IT Nation? Stay connected through social media to get updates on our events, podcast opportunities, and more.