Client Discount Requests, Zero Trust Security Explained, and More

Client Discount Requests, Zero Trust Security Explained, and More


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Through the conversations we’ve been having, it’s clear there’s a lot of stress and pain out there, but also a lot of opportunities resulting in wins and goodwill.

We’ve heard stories of MSPs receiving tearful thank-you’s from clients, of hold-outs finally seeing the light and converting to managed services contracts, of owners finding ways to show their techs how much they’re appreciated.

In short, it’s obviously a challenging time, but it’s also inspiring knowing so many of you are playing such an integral role in keeping people going.

Scott Galloway recently said, “The terrible thing about crises is they always happen. The wonderful thing is they always end.”

Here’s to being one week closer, and to capturing the opportunities to do more than just struggle through.

Hear more ways of how I can handle client cancelation/discount/deferral requests [virtual chat recap]

Our third weekly MSP Live Chat centered around what to do when clients come looking for flexibility. This was a fantastic discussion with a lot of really good, practical ideas. See the agenda doc and link to the recording here.

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Adjust your Master Services Agreement so it covers the extreme circumstances you’re seeing now [templates]

During our Live Chat, NinjaRMM Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson shared sample Force Majeure clauses MSPs can add to their MSA. You’ll want to confirm with your legal counsel before you do, but these should provide you with solid language to start with here.

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Understand the basics behind Zero Trust security now that the perimeter just got shot to hell

Duo’s Josh Green breaks down how Zero Trust works, and why the concept behind it — that there is no perimeter — makes it the security framework du jour (and beyond). Source: Duo

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Pick up a PowerShell script that monitors and enables Wake-on-LAN [script]

Another beaut from Kelvin Tegelaar. “With the current stress of everyone wanting to work from home via all sorts of tools, my friends found some devices that aren’t replying to WOL packets or machines that simply were not configured for WOL yet.” Note: Kelvin explains this script works for Dell, HP, and Lenovo devices. Source: CyberDrain

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Find out which banks/lenders are actually accepting PPP loan applications  [Google Sheet]

According to the SBA, after an extremely rough start, 927,000 applications have been approved, totaling over $226  billion in loans. 65% of the $349 billion allotted. Source: Gusto

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Stay well and have a good week.

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