COVID-19 MSP Impact Stats, TikTok Security Concerns

COVID-19 MSP Impact Stats, TikTok Security Concerns


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It’s another week with some encouraging signs of economic recovery on one hand, but troubling spikes of new COVID-19 cases on the other. We hope things are okay where you are, that business is good, but — more importantly — that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Anecdotally, the sense we’re getting from many of our MSP partners is that they’re feeling much more optimistic than they were a couple of months ago. The situation has changed enough to where their primary focus is veering back to sales and growth, and that’s extremely encouraging to see.

If you’re in that boat, or hopefully steering in that direction, we’ve got two upcoming events for you to check out.

The first is a live conversation our Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson is having with MSP owner and bvoip CEO George Bardissi Tuesday at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT. The topic is “Scaling Your MSP Past the $1M Plateau (Even in These Times” and you can register here.

The second event is our latest MSP Live Chat scheduled for next Thursday, July 9 at 1pm ET | 5pm GMT. We’ll be talking all about how to nurture and convert your sales leads, with some really interesting research and examples.

On to this week’s tools and tips!


This week I want to…

Exchange Online auditing reporting dashboards

Not only does this tool generate a ton of reports and stats, it also presents them in pretty dashboards. 😍

Source: Office 365 Reports

Category: Tools 🛠


Matt Dixon explains the Challenger Sales model

If you think the most important thing you can do during a sales call is ask the right questions then you need to watch Matt Dixon explain the Challenger Sales Model. It may just change your mind.

Source: Executive Speakers Bureau

Category: Sales 💰


MSP COVID impact statistics

This year, IT Glue ran two versions of their annual MSP benchmarks survey — one in February and one in May. The results paint an interesting comparison, and here Jason Kemsley shares a great summary with key takeaways.

Source: Jason Kemsley (summary) and IT Glue (report)

Category: Metrics 📊


tiktok security concerns

TikTok is one of the most popular apps of 2020. This article from ArsTechnica explains why it also poses serious security and privacy concerns (along with 53 other iOS apps that read clipboard data).

Source: ArsTechnica

Category: Security 🔒


security policy templates

We’ve had several partners asking for examples of policies templates. This collection from SANS covers everything from antivirus guidelines to workstation security for HIPAA compliance.

Source: SANS

Category: Security 🔒


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