Gearing Up for a Down Economy with New Tools, Assessments, and More

Gearing Up for a Down Economy with New Tools, Assessments, and More


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A new week in the “new normal” — how are you holding up? The answers we’ve been getting from other MSPs seem to vary considerably based on location (how long you’ve been under lockdown) and their client demographics (dental: bad; construction: doing okay).

That said, there does seem to be a general sense that things are shifting from Phase 1 (the initial scramble to enable remote work) to Phase 2 (adjusting to the new state of things and gearing up for a marathon, not a sprint). This new stage involves dealing with more uncertainty, but it can present new opportunities, too.

In his new guide for MSP owners to surviving and thriving in uncertain times, Nigel Moore shares an old piece of advice that’s especially relevant now:

This week, we’re sharing resources that can help you plan and prioritize, make good use of any slow time, and prepare for whatever’s coming next.

Plan out exactly what I need to say to our clients during our next call [template]

The folks at Lifecycle Insights have put together a great toolkit that includes a sample client meeting agenda, a variety of assessments, and 10 questions to ask yourself heading into a down economy. Source: Lifecycle Insights

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Apply for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan [how-to and calculator]

Friday’s roll-out was a disaster, but the fact is this program is still low effort/risk and incredibly high reward. If the banks and gov can get their act together you don’t want to miss out. Catch a recap of our live chat on the PPP with accountant Joel Friend, and grab a bunch of resources — including a spreadsheet to help you calculate your potential loan amount — here.

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Get specific, actionable advice on how to come out of this stronger [guide]

The Tech Tribe’s Nigel Moore has a new 89-page guide on how to “survive and thrive” during these hard times, with tips for communicating with your team and clients, managing your cash flow, and keeping your growth engine running. Source: The Tech Tribe

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Check for security holes accidentally introduced during the mad WFH rush [checklist]

Jake Williams points out some of the core things you should look out for and mitigate — before attackers find them first. Source: @MalwareJake

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Make use of any slow time with free Pluralsight cources [training]

Keep your team learning and developing new skills with this awesome month-long offer from Pluralsight.

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Take care and have a good week.

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