How to Add Outlook Email to Phone

How to Add Outlook Email to Phone


Want to know how to add email to phone? You’ve come to right place. In this short tech tips video, one of our tech experts will walk you through a few simple steps in this easy-to-follow guide.

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If you prefer written out steps, no problem! Scroll down to find them below.

How to add email to phone:

Add to Outlook (Android):

Step 1: Open application

Step 2: Select “Add Account”

Step 3: Type in email address

Step 4: Enter your password

Step 5: If prompted, enter your verification code

Add to Outlook (iOS):

Step 1:  Open the application

Step 2: Type in email address and select “Add Account”

Step 3: Enter your password

Step 4: If prompted to add another account, select “Maybe Later”

Step 5: Enable notification by selecting “Turn On”

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This video features Phillip Plough, Service Desk Core Engineer.