M365 vs O365 Licensing Chart, Remote QBR Tips, and More

M365 vs O365 Licensing Chart, Remote QBR Tips, and More


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Hope you had a good weekend, and (if you celebrated) a great Father’s Day. Before we dive into this week’s resources, I have another small favor to ask… we’re in the process of developing a new series on MSP sales and marketing (what works & what doesn’t), but before we get too ahead of ourselves, I’d love to get input from you first! Can you help me by answering 3 quick questions?

Thank you very much in advance! Now, on to this week’s list.

This week I want to…


Understand the differences between all M365 and O365 licenses [comparison chart]

Not sure which license is right for you/your clients, especially after the name changes back in March? This Google Sheet breaks down what’s included under each license and what’s not.

Source: MSP Comparison Charts

Category: Tools 🛠


Get 20 new ideas for generating sales leads without relying on in-person events [list]

If you missed our MSP Live Chat on Thursday, you missed out on a live brainstorming session that saw us come up with 20 new sales prospecting ideas. Lucky for you, though,  you can still see the results on Page 2 of this Google Doc.

Source: Us

Category: Sales 💰


Learn about a different metric for determining your best (read: most profitable) clients

MSPCFO co-founder Larry Cobrin explains to BVOIP‘s George Bardissi why margin isn’t everything, and why you should be measuring something he refers to as “contribution per hour” (start video at 32.40).

Source: The MSP Initiative

Category: Metrics 📊


Get tips for making remote QBRs and other client meetings more engaging

Rex Frank from Sea-Level Operations and Denes Purnhauser from Managed Services Platform explain why the context you’re trying to have strategic client discussions in is totally different — and why your approach needs to be different, too.

Source: Sea-Level Operations

Category: Security 🔒


See a giant list of cybersecurity statistics to share with clients/prospects [blog post]

Need a recent stat to make your case? This list from Hashed Out has 126 of them 👀, sorted by categories.

Source: Hashed Out

Category: Security 🔒


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