MSP Bento: Week of 4/20/20 – Large MSP Ransomware Attack, Office 365 Email Security, and More

MSP Bento: Week of 4/20/20 – Large MSP Ransomware Attack, Office 365 Email Security, and More


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On Saturday, news broke that Cognizant, one of the world’s largest IT consulting firms and MSPs, is grappling with a ransomware attack that has been triggering service disruptions for some of the company’s clients.

Details are limited, but it’s an unfortunate reminder that attackers aren’t suspending operations during this crisis, and MSPs are still considered a high-value target.

With that in mind, this week we’re sharing two important security resources along with an invitation to join us for a major security-focused virtual event.

Or, if you’re looking for something that can help you improve your sales and marketing, we’ve got a couple of things to share on that front, too.

Tighten up Microsoft Office 365 Email Security [checklist]

For all the talk of sophisticated new attack techniques, the truth is email remains one of the most popular attack vectors. This checklist will help you conduct an audit and reduce your risk. Source: ITProMentor

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Set up alerts to be notified when a tech gets phished [tool]

We’ve shared this one before, but “I Got Phished” is a great resource that can help you nip attacks in the bud. Source:

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Register for the MSP Security Summit on May 7 [virtual event]

Join me and some of the most trusted names in the MSP community as we host a day full of open discussion on topics like securing WFH, protecting yourself with cyber insurance, selling security in a down economy, and more. Source: NinjaRMM

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Start segmenting customers based on financial situation [blog post]

SaaS sales expert Jason Lemkin recommends splitting clients into three categories — growing, struggling, shrinking — and offers suggestions for what to do right now with each. Source: SaaStr

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Figure out how to keep sales and marketing going during all this [virtual chat]

This Thursday at 1pm ET we’re hosting our fourth MSP Live Chat. The topic this time is sales and marketing, and we’ll be sharing a bunch of ready-made campaign ideas you can kick-off right away. Source: NinjaRMM

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Stay well and have a good week.

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