Online Customer Experiences & Data Privacy

Online Customer Experiences & Data Privacy


Online customer experiences are becoming an increasingly central aspect to success in a modern business.

Did you know that 57% of customers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile? Even fewer customers look kindly on a business that doesn’t secure their data to an appropriate degree—consider how many companies lose business simply because they’ve neglected their website functionality and privacy standards. 

To compete today, SMBs must offer a quality online customer experience, and in this webinar our marketing and technology experts will take a comprehensive look at what that means and how to best achieve it through UI, UX, and data privacy.

Join Claudia PhamES99 UX LeadJuliann Kelley, ES99 Account Mentor, and Erick Olea, Director of MIT Operations on December 3rd at 11am CST as they discuss what the common weaknesses are for customer online experiences, what the consequences for a poor experience are and what can be done by SMBs to address these issues.