Platform updates focus on security, efficiency, and usability

Platform updates focus on security, efficiency, and usability


NinjaRMM’s second feature release of the year has landed and in this 5.2 platform update, we’ve focused on improving end-user security, efficiency, and the usability of the platform. This release delivers three significant new features and multiple quality-of-life upgrades requested by our partners. NinjaRMM 5.2 is available now globally for all users.


Ninja Uninstall Prevention


The first new feature we’re excited to share is the ability for users to control whether end-users can uninstall the NinjaRMM agent. This option is enabled or disabled globally at the account level and affects all organizations, locations, and devices associated with the global account. 

With this feature enabled, end-users will be unable to uninstall NinjaRMM from their device, thereby ensuring devices remain secured and under IT’s control. This is an important security control as it helps prevent data loss, compliance breaches, or device theft at the worst or simply extra work reinstalling the agent. 


Custom Fields


Our second new feature is an incredibly useful and impactful addition to the NinjaRMM platform that allows users to create custom device fields to collect, store, and document information relevant to devices under management. Custom fields can be created at the global level to apply to all devices as well as at the role level for specific device types or functions. Additionally, custom fields can be used with NinjaRMM’s scripting engine and are accessible via API.

Custom fields are an important new feature that allows NinjaRMM users to document anything at the device level, from securely storing passwords to housing warranty information and software license keys. Because custom fields work with NinjaRMM’s scripting engine, users can easily employ automate advanced data collection or the use of custom field data to impact script behavior. This feature is currently in open beta for partners to test and provide feedback on.


Ninja Documentation


The final new feature of NinjaRMM 5.2 delivers a powerful documentation feature that allows MSPs and IT departments to easily codify critical information about the IT environments they manage. Now, users can create custom fields to collect, store, and document information at the organizational and global levels. To make it easier for users to starting documenting critical information, NinjaRMM is also providing out-of-the-box documentation templates for active directory, security, and vendor management. Documentation data is accessible via scripts and the NinjaRMM API.

Ninja Documentation is a fully functional documentation platform that is comparable to other documentation tools used by MSPs, but NinjaRMM partners get this fully integrated, single-pane functionality for free. This feature is currently in open beta for partners to test and provide feedback on.

Quality of Life Improvements


Outside of new features like those described above, NinjaRMM 5.2 brings a host of new improvements that reduces alert fatigue, improves the usability of NinjaRMM reporting, and brings greater management controls to both Mac and Linux devices.

  • Alert grouping for CPU or memory alerts – Now, the top 5 processes will be included when a CPU or memory alert is triggered.
  • Improved CSV exports – Exports now include new information, including device policy and past patch install dates.
  • Improved scripting – NinjaRMM now supports script result conditions for Mac and Linux.
  • Efficient reporting – Users can now copy past reports to quickly and easily develop new reports.
  • Activity dashboard changes – A custom time scope option has been added to the activity dashboard, allowing users to filter by time periods.

To learn more about the latest NinjaRMM 5.2 platform update, sign up for a free trial or watch a free demo. NinjaRMM 5.2 is available now globally.