The Benefits of Employee Training and Development

The Benefits of Employee Training and Development

At Impact, one of our core values is focused around continued education for both new and tenured employees. The main source of much of this learning is from the Impact Leadership Institute, run by our Professional Development team. While all new Sales employees take a full week of courses focused around prospecting, appointments and deals, senior members of the team are also encouraged to take the course to get a new perspective on modern sales techniques. Their hope is to share the benefits of employee training and development with people from across all departments within the company.

Hear from Rick Ray, who has been at Impact for close to 20 years and recently attended one of ILI’s latest training sessions, to see what he took away to incorporate into his own position. He shares what he was able to take away from the training, and why it’s important for managers to take introductory courses to better help their teams.

This video features Rick Ray, Wisconsin General Sales Manager/Partner in Brookfield, WI.

Get Educated About ILI

You can read more about what the Impact Leadership Institute teaches, their differentiators and some of the major achievements on their webpage, and take some time to familiarize yourself with some of their online resources:

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