Troubleshoot Phone Calendar Not Syncing with Computer

Troubleshoot Phone Calendar Not Syncing with Computer

Whether you have the latest iPhone, Android Galaxy or other phone, the process of syncing your applications can be frustrating. Many phone users are asking how why phone calendar not syncing with computer issues occur, and thankfully, Impact’s experts have the answer.


Watch this quick tech tip video in which a member of our service desk, who troubleshoots the issue and offers steps for both Apple and Android phones. You’ll find this hands-on, screen recorded video to be helpful in seeing every step firsthand so you can solve the issue in a matter of minutes.



Scroll down to find the full list of instructions for both Apple and Android phones:



Step 1: Open the Calendar app

Step 2: Tap on three lines in the top-left corner

Step 3: Tap on the gear icon to open Calendar settings

Step 4: Tap on Add new account

Step 5: Select Microsoft Exchange

Step 6: Enter your Outlook credentials and tap Sign in

Step 7: Outlook email should show under Calendars



Step 1: Tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Select Passwords and Accounts

Step 3: Tap on your mail account

Step 4: Ensure sidebar next to Calendars is green


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This video features David Appel, Service Desk Manager in Lake Forest, IL